5 Ways To Start Your Day On A Positive Note

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 01, 2018
5 ways to start your day on a positive note
You’re always in a hurry and/or are probably perpetually late too, because there’s so much to do with such little time, right? We get it. While the chaos seemed right in your teenage years, we assure you that that isn’t the case anymore, especially once life starts getting real and responsibilities start coming your way. If you think this is about you, here’s how you can mend your ways, one little step at a time...

Rely on to-do-lists

Take time out for yourself

Get clarity on the tasks for the day. Download an app or pen down your tasks in a notebook to plan your day better. All you really have to do after that is tick those tasks off your list as you keep going. It also helps to have your task list for the next day sorted the night before—it just gives you more time the next morning.


Forget about your <a href="/all-things-skin/everyday/5-ways-in-which-your-mobile-phone-is-damaging-your-skin">phone</a>

Take time out for yourself

One of the biggest downers is compulsively scrolling through your Insta feed, first thing in the morning, to stalk through everything that’s going on in others’ lives that isn’t happening in yours. Why do that? Instead, take a moment to be grateful for the life you’re living and for the people that are still around and watch that energy kick in!


Rejuvenate and <a href="/lifestyle/wellness/the-ultimate-stress-busters">de-stress</a>

Take time out for yourself

There’s a reason people keep talking about morning workouts—you burn more fat, it helps you destress, it helps you focus better and also gives you ample time to prioritise your day. Seriously, just do it! Take your best friend along if you think it’s torturous to wake up early. She may hate but you know you'll make it up to her anyway.


Groove to the sound of the beats

Take time out for yourself

Plug in to your favourite playlist and groove in front of the mirror while getting dressed or dance in the shower, flipping your hair and pretending you're a total rock star. Live a little because things will always be busy but you have this moment now, so make it count and give no dimes!


Take time out for yourself

Take time out for yourself

Be it having a hearty breakfast or reading the headlines or even perfecting the winged eyeliner—just get some me time. While you want to do that, make sure you start your day in such a way that you have almost 20 minutes to do any of the above things. You will be grateful when you find yourself smiling walking into that office as opposed to looking tired and grumpy already.

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