If you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll notice that cats and consequently, cat accessories have been having a moment lately. From bags to socks and jewellery, items with kitties are everywhere. Think you’re a cat lover? Well, we’ve scouted some products you’re sure to love!

must haves for cat lovers 430x550

Cushion covers

If you’re the ultimate cat lover, your home must reflect your affinity towards it. Accessorize your couch with quirky cat cushions if you want your space to depict your style. Buy them in unique styles and colours to add a vibrant touch to your living room. Guests are sure to go aww over these!

Available on www.aliexpress.com for US $6.86

must haves for cat lovers ballerinas 430x550


All cat lovers own them and you should too! Kitty ballerinas are probably a true proof of your love for these animals. Buy simple black ones, with a cat face and we promise there’s going to be nothing cuter than this in your wardrobe! After all – is there a better way to pledge yourself to the cause of shoes and cats?

Available on www.asos.com for £19.00

must haves for cat lovers beanies 600x400


We know winters are over. But hey, does a cat person really need a reason to flaunt a cool kitty beanie? Several stores today have stocked up on cat print hats and caps that are sure to make you stand out.

Available on www.asos.com for £3.00

must haves for cat lovers socks 430x550


Our personal favourite – cat socks have been a rage for a while now. Available in a bunch of attractive styles, these will get you noticed instantly. Just team them up with a smart pair of sneakers and you’re good to go!

Available on www.forever21.com/in for ₹179

must haves for cat lovers laptop bags 600x400

Laptop bags

Bored of carrying the same old laptop bag? Nothing catches the eye as much as a cute cat laptop bag. From colourful ones to monotone bags, laptops with kitty faces are the demand of the day. We bet this one is going to be your most attractive accessory!

Available on www.asos.com for £18.00