8 Signs You Need A New Roommate

Written by Shreya ContractorDec 20, 2016
8 signs you need a new roommate
You’ve been living together since the time you moved to the city, and the initial excitement you felt about having a cool roommate has now begun to fade. It could have been her impossible habits that began to irk you, or her deliberate invasion of privacy that you couldn’t stand anymore—either way, it could be time to get a new roommate. Still unsure? Look out for these signs.

1. She borrows too much

8. She's way too needy

What started out as a genuine reason for a date night that you were both excited about, soon turned into a habit. What's worse—she started giving you a heads up over texts of the things she'd borrow while you were out.

Verdict—No no no. No can do. ✋


2. She’s all too nosy

8. She's way too needy

An argument over a girl with your boyfriend or a squabble over money with your parents—she's listening to it all. She may pretend to be busy watching the TV, but you know too well where her ears are at.

Verdict—Time to get rid of!


3. She’s way too messy

8. She's way too needy

If she's the perpetually late kind, don't judge her too hard—chances are, you are too. But leaving a messy room behind, with unwashed dishes in the sink, and last night's garbage still in the can—she’s not getting away with this.

Verdict—I’m putting my foot down!


4. She’s always late on payments

8. She's way too needy

So we've established that she's Late Kate. Still not reason enough for you to hear rants from an angry landlord. Or your WiFi getting disconnected. Or your electricity being cut off.

Verdict—Either pay up or move out! ➡


5. She's a tag along

8. She's way too needy

Remember how she was nosy? Of course she knows about your plans with your friends and she's semi-ready already. She knows you couldn't refuse, after all, how peaceful would you be ruining ties with the person you bunk with?

Verdict—Back the hell off!


6. She has a lot of people over

8. She's way too needy

So she could either be a self-invitee or the opposite—an inviter. Calling all her people over to her crib like she owns it, she has little regard for how you'd react when you unlocked that door. Because YOLO.

Verdict—YOLO outside my house, yo!


7. She feels too much

8. She's way too needy

Oh, she who feels too much. An argument with the boyfriend and it's the end of the world and the start of the water works. A little drama’s okay, but what’s not are the intentionally loud wails, and the annoying laughter in between, only to go back to crying. Jeez!

Verdict—Give me a break!


8. She's way too needy

8. She's way too needy

Not sure if she has esteem issues or is just needy by nature, but her nagging questions on what to wear and what to order and how to pay, are starting to make you want to give her a sit-down on the difference between a roommate and a soulmate.

Verdict—Leave me alone!

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