Relationships are a lot of hard work as anyone who’s ever been in one will attest. Sure, you guys love each other but sometimes you’ve got to work to keep that love afloat; and what better day to adopt a brand new, healthier, happier approach to love than February 14?  Here’s how you can go beyond the ordinary and obvious gestures to add a new spark to your love life.

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Cook it Up

We’re firm proponents of the belief that a couple that cooks together stays together. There are few things as romantic as cooking together with the love of your life. Food is art and when you give it a healthy sprinkling of love, it can actually be super fun! From planning a romantic recipe to shopping for the ingredients and actually executing it – all spells love and togetherness. Plus, being in the kitchen doesn’t seem like a chore anymore and you get to spend tons of quality time with your partner.

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Work it Out

What’s better than exercising and sweating it out to stay mentally and physically fit? Doing the same in the company of your partner, of course! Tons of studies and research shows that couples that work out together are not only healthier but also have better relationship thanks to common goals, motivation and everything that goes into being a team. Not only are the two of you staying fit and happy (exercise releases endorphins that lead to happiness) but with your partner by your side, perhaps you would miss out on your workouts just as much.

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Do Your Own Thing

Taking a holiday together is always a fantastic idea. But what’s more important is being able to explore your own interests and finding some time for yourself while on that holiday. For instance, if you love art but your partner doesn’t, visit a museum by yourself while he does something he loves. Space is extremely important in a relationship and you’d both be happier doing your own thing anyway. It’s also a good sign that shows you’re willing to understand your partner and let him do what he desires without being controlling or clingy.

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Laugh Out Loud

Laughter relaxes your body, releases much-needed endorphins, boosts your immune system, and makes you look attractive. Combine those happy moments with your partner and it’s a complete win-win. Make sure you spend at least some part of your day together relaxing and laughing (not for no reason though). Watch your favourite sitcom or catch a funny movie or just regale each other with funny anecdotes. After all, laughter is the best therapy, and that extends to your love life too!