Miss Malini is a name we’ve all grown to love in the media world—from her instant updates to her celebrity google hang-outs, she is definitely on our blogger radar. Which is why, our ears perked up when we caught her shedding some gyaan at Fame Box Network’s #BeautyNBlogger master class on what it takes to be an ace blogger.
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Be yourself
If you’re funny or have a quirky trait or find fashion a serious business—accentuate that. Miss Malini tells us that nothing translates better that sincerity. Be genuine in your blog and that will shine through.

Social media is your best friend
From status updates to tweeting the night away or even sharing those cute little insta-collages—Miss Malini tells us to embrace them all. She also reminds us to engage with our peers and fellow bloggers as that will not only help you garner more traction but also along the way you’ll build some everlasting relationships.

All about th@t
And finally—some diamond advice for you twitterati. Don’t ever start your tweets with a ‘@’ sign as it seriously limits your reach! Instead start with a word or if you must put a full stop before the @ (.@BeBEAUTIFUL_INDIA) and you’re golden.