Some do them for fun, some believe they’re a hindrance when it comes to human morality and yet some come from the school of thought that a selfie is their contribution to the circle of life. Like it or hate it—we know you’re guilty of it—whether it’s just to your top three Snap Chat besties or your #WokeUpLikeThis insta-shot, BeBEAUTIFUL is here to transform your selfie to a glamfie.

Rule number one—angle your face downwards, hold your arm above your head, work your stuff and say hello to insta-likes.

If you’re taking a photo at arm’s length, you want to cover up all flaws and blemishes. Use a BB Cream (#BBRecommends Pond’s White Beauty BB + Foundation + Fairness Cream) for colour coverage that gives you an even-tone and covers spots leaving you with instantly spotless and flawless radiance.

Take shine down a notch and pat your face dry with some loose powder or a blotting sheet. Now is not the time to think about vanity, if you’re taking a picture of your face for the world over to validate, you’re going to have to own it. Chic cat-eyes, a dramatic bold lip—feel free to get your Broadway on when it comes to your makeup. Just remember to pick one feature to highlight and you’re on your way to bagging that selfie trophy.

And finally—make use of your best feature: confidence. Judgers will judge, haters will hate—but the time is now and you’ve got to go all out with the selfie. Over-do the duck pout if you must, only focus on your left profile if that’s the one that works for you—and once you figure out your best feature, let loose, be confident and have some fun with it.

Do you feel selfie ready? Upload your selfie on and you’ll get a chance to paint the town red with your selfie gracing billboards and the hottest magazines. Get your showstopper selfies ready, ladies!