They say that a man that is truly interested in a woman will find an endless number of reasons to make contact. A man who is just playing around—or confused about his own feelings—will find an endless number of excuses for why he didn’t show up. Today, we’re decoding guys speak for you so you can tell whether he’s the one to stick to like glue or if he is the one you should run away from like the wind on a stormy, thunderous night.

10 signs he is into you caring 430x550

He calls you just to say hi. He doesn’t need a reason to call you. If he wants to call you, he will. Even when there’s nothing to say, he checks in. Whether that means that you’re telling each other about your day, chatting about common friends or simply both on the phone not really saying anything, but simply being there, aimless phone chatter is always a healthy sign.

10 signs he is into you sensible 430x550

He sends you picture messages to keep you in the loop. When a guy is treating you like he couldn’t care less that’s exactly how he feels. If a guy is caring and interested and constantly in touch, that means he is caring and interested and constantly wants you there. Learn to read the right signs.

10 signs he is into you champagne 430x550

He doesn’t get too drunk on a night out with you. If you’re with him, he wants to be there for you for both company and as well as to take care of you. No one enjoys the company of a blithering drunk idiot and he’s especially mindful of that when you’re around.

10 signs he is into you gives attention 430x550

Watch for his friends. It’s natural as humans, to talk about what’s on our mind. So, when you fall for a person, that person is always on your mind and that’s the person you tend to gush about to your friends. Though, maybe not quite as frequently and in-detail but by and large the same rule of thumb applies to the other sex too. So pick up on the little clues his amigos give you to find out exactly how engaged you’ve kept him.

10 signs he is into you texting 450x500

He’ll pause the video game just to text you back. We all know how guys feel about their video game—neither hunger not sleep deprivation can steal their attention. So, if he pauses the game just to text you back, you know he’s a keeper.

10 signs he is into you date night 430x550

When talking to you makes his day. If you’re with someone with who you can act goofy around, talk about the most random stuff, watch movies, share music together and never get tired of each other, you’ve pretty much hit the dating jackpot.

10 signs he is into you kind 430x550

One of our all-time favourite chick-flicks He’s Just Not That Into You corrected the age-old urban myth when they told us: We’re all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you. Well that’s total garbage! If you’re constantly analysing why he didn’t call, what he’s thinking, what’s been keeping him distracted, then you are doing nothing but wasting your precious time. If he’s being nice, don’t mistake that for boring. If a guy is kind, there’s no better sign you can pick up on.

10 signs he is into you romantic 430x550

Don’t ignore the physical signs. If you feel like the world is melting down every time he kisses you, you’ve got a hard, scientific sign right there that that’s not the one you should be letting go off easily.

10 signs he is into you making feel special 430x550

Oscar Wilde told us, “Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary”. If he takes this teaching to heart, you’ve met your man. Your guy needs to make you feel like you’re something out of this world. All the time.

10 signs he is into you the biggest sign 430x550

And lastly, always remember that the right guy for you will absolutely pursue you, actively. He won’t leave you wondering whether or not he’s into you. There can’t possibly be a bigger sign then that.