The monsoon on any given weekday can be quite a dampener. Grey skies, a ton of work and a washed out city can do a great job of bringing anyone down! Here’s how you can play nice and brighten up someone’s day…

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Surprise your colleagues
Nothing can beat the monotony of a boring, dull workday than a mid-week surprise.
When one is stuck in a work routine, any kind of distraction is more than welcome. At our office, the most popular surprises are those of the (unhealthy) culinary kind – ice cream sandwiches, vada paos, bhajiyas….all the great tasting, greasy stuff. We might be a lot fatter at the end of it but we’re also a lot happier. Plus, there’s truly nothing like comfort food to boost morale!

We recommend: Make 5 o’clock chai time a lot more delish by ordering the best cupcakes in town for your team. Who could say no to dessert, huh? Everyone will love you for it, and who knows, next week, someone else in the office may take the initiative.

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Smile more often…
When you’re caught in the middle of a deluge, you could do two things – curse or make the most of it. If you’re up to doing the latter, you’ll notice that there are plenty of things to smile at during the monsoon – the stranger next to you trying to make it across the gigantic puddle, the girl with the huge umbrella trying to make her way through the crowd, (naughty) little kids looking for nothing but trouble (and a good splash. Who knows, someone’ll catch you flashing your dazzling smile and lighten up a bit.

We recommend: Get that dazzling smile with the new Closeup Diamond Attraction with patented blue light technology that makes teeth white, and over time, brighter and wider.

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Splurge on someone else…
It’s super easy to go to the mall and pick up that dress you’ve been eyeing for the longest time. But to spend your money on someone else when it’s not their birthday or a special occasion? Aye, now that’s a challenge. If you know that the monsoon (or work/ love/ anything else at all) has hit your sister or BFF way too hard, plan a cheery surprise for them. And not just of the coffee and a pep-talk kind. We mean the real kind, the shop-till-you-drop kind, the big splurge kind. Trust us, you’ll see them in high spirits by the end of the day.

We recommend: Plan a Saturday Sale splurge with your bestie. What with all the brands running at up to 50 per cent off, you’ll squeeze in some quality time and get your money’s worth!