If you want to make your wedding a memorable one, favours for the guests are the perfect way to do that. A sweet gesture from your side for your loved ones, wedding favours in the form of small but thoughtful gifts are sure to make guests happy. We give you 4 adorable items you can giveaway to your friends and family on your big day.

wedding favours your guest will love photos 600x400

Photos with the bride and groom

Nothing says happy memories like an instant photo. Have a corner of your venue dedicated to photos and arrange for instant printing on the go. Allow the guests to have themselves photographed with their friends or even the bride and groom. If you wish to take it a step further  you can arrange for cute photo frames as takeaways.

wedding favours your guest will love totes 600x400

Fancy totes

The perfect way to end a summer wedding is by giving away a cloth tote to the guests. After all, these totes come handy in the hot weather when you’re too lazy to carry leather bags. Choose them in gorgeous prints or bright colours or even have them personalized to mark your wedding. They’re sure to dig this gesture!

Image courtesy: www.flipkart.com

wedding favours your guest will love desert jars 430x550

Dessert jars

Desserts available in mason jars are the favourite giveaways at weddings. Choose a fruity one if you want it to lend this a summer feel. Guests will relish these and go back home feeling so pampered. After all, nothing like dessert to make someone’s day, right?

wedding favours your guest will love shot glasses 430x550

Shot glasses

Want to give something fun and quirky to your guests? Opt for shot glasses! Buy cool ones that’ll instantly catch their fancy. They’re sure to remember you when they open these up while having a party!

Image Courtesy: www.happilyunmarried.com