4 essential hair care products to add to your routine for shiny, manageable tresses

Written by Sanya HamdaniAug 28, 2020

Let’s accept it: you will rarely come across a woman who is happy with the health of her hair. Frizziness, hair loss, thinning, dandruff and scalp dryness are some of the most common hair woes us women deal with regularly. While you may have tried various products recommended from just about everyone to put an end to these problems, what you need is to learn what each one of this product does and whether you need them.

So, today we will not only tell you which products to use and supplements to include in your diet but we will also tell you how they help your hair.

1. A nourishing, sulfate-free shampoo

Your shampoo does more than just cleanse your hair and scalp. Depending on the hair and scalp type, you should pick the right formula. One that maintains a healthy pH level is sulphate-free and infused with naturally nourishing ingredients that will suit most hair types. Using a good shampoo and following a good hair care routine is the key to achieving healthy and lustrous hair.

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2. A serum to add shine to your lifeless locks

Serums are designed to take care of the outer layer of the hair. Those with frizzy and damaged hair often have a hard time trying to keep the moisture locked in their tresses. Hair serums are formulated with active ingredients that not only add shine to the outer layer but also penetrate the hair strands to protect them from environmental damage. Therefore, serums are a must for every hair type.

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3. A hair oil, depending on your skin type

While hair serums work on the lengths and tips, oils work on the roots. The job of oil is to provide nourishment to the scalp to address concerns like dry hair, dandruff, itchy scalp and more. Many experts suggest using non-comedogenic oils like olive oil if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Since there are no chemicals involved, hair oils are perfect for just about everyone. With so many oils available in the market, you can choose one that works best for your hair concern.

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4. Nutritional supplements to boost hair health

Apart from following a good hair care routine and using the right products, your diet also plays a vital role in the health of your hair and scalp. If you’re not getting enough vitamins and essential nutrients from the diet, consult your physician to recommend nutritional supplements that can be added to your diet. Some of the most preferred supplements for healthy hair are vitamin A, biotin, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and folic.