If you love experimenting with your hairstyles, or are bored of sporting the same old ponytail, we have something you’re going to love — braided ponytails. A love child between the braid and ponytail, this super chic hairstyle is the latest It girl hair trend everyone’s obsessing over. The versatility of this hairdo is what makes it so popular. Intrigued? Scroll down for a roundup of the best braided ponytail hairstyles on the web that you can try RN!


1. Rope braid ponytail

Rope braid ponytail

Image Courtesy: @Hello Glow

Sleek and stunning, the rope braid ponytail has our heart! This versatile hairstyle can be worn on Zoom calls as well as to date nights with bae. All you need to do is tie your hair in a low ponytail and divide it into two sections. Once done, twist both parts in a clockwise direction and cross the right section over the left one. Continue doing the same till you reach the ends and voila — your elegant rope braid ponytail is ready.


2. Dutch braid ponytail

Dutch braid ponytail

Image Courtesy: @Hedi Ao Alberro

This braided boho ponytail is perfect for days when you’re pressed for time but still want to showcase your A-game. Grab the middle section of your hair from the top and style it in a Dutch braid all the way till the end. Then, gather the braid, along with the rest of your hair, and secure it in a high ponytail. Wrap a section of hair over the hair tie to conceal it and you’re done. Easy-peasy!


3. Pull-through braid ponytail

Pull-through braid ponytail

Image Courtesy: @Alex Gaboury

If you want to amp up your hairstyle and turn a few heads while you’re at it, go for the pull through braid ponytail. These braids are easy to recreate and look super chic too. Fuss free and stunning, this hairstyle is bound to garner compliments.


4. Upside down braided ponytail

Upside down braided ponytail

Image Courtesy: @HolleewoodHair

We’re absolutely crushing over this upside down braided ponytail. Right from the sleek ponytail to the reverse braiding, this hairstyle is perfect for busy girls who want to keep their hair away from the face. To recreate this hairstyle just lean forward and let your hair fall in the front. Then divide your hair into two horizontal sections and start braiding the bottom section — from the nape of your neck. Once done, secure the braid along with the hair from the top section into a ponytail and you’re done.


5. Double dutch ponytail

Double dutch ponytail

Image Courtesy: @anabelle

If you love Dutch braids, you’re surely going to love this double Dutch ponytail. Pretty and adorable, this ponytail idea is perfect for girls on the go. To try this one out, create a middle part and divide your hair in two sections. Then braid each section in a Dutch braid till you reach the back of your head. Finally, put together both the braids and secure it in a ponytail. Add a huge scrunchie or scarf to make the braided ponytail look prettier.

Main Image Courtesy: @Hello Glow