It’s summer! Time to get your pretty summer dresses, booty shorts, and scarf tops out. Also, grab those sexy LBDs for date night while you are at it. Match the excitement of finally reaching for the fun part of your wardrobe with an equally adorable hairdo. The trendy looks for summer 2021 are chic enough to be paired with everything in your wardrobe. The fashion girls on Instagram are serving some hairstyle inspo, and here are our top picks to wear while sipping coolers in breezy ensembles...


01. Tapered baby braids

Tapered baby braids

Image courtesy: @kdeenihan

Baby braids are created by taking a thin section of hair and tightly plaiting it to create an accent in your hairstyle. This year, it is all about tapered baby braids plaited close to your face in the front. Add a lot of texture and body to the rest of your mane to create a contrasting look.


02. Messy boho

Messy boho

Image courtesy: @justinemarjan

It cannot be summer without adding some boho elements to our style. We love these knotted and braided messy waves that are adorned with pretty pearls — a hairdo worthy of multiple over-the-shoulder shots for your Instagram feed.


03. A sweet night out

A sweet night out

Image courtesy: @mishti.rahman

Hairstyles in summer 2021 are all about the bend. No matter where you add them in your hair-length, the bendy detail is so effortlessly stylish this season. We are especially in love with hairstyles that bend at the ends, keeping the top part relatively straighter and falling naturally.


04. Big, bold clips

Big, bold clips

Image courtesy: @yulia_hayek

Big hair accessories are gaining momentum this season. Play around with statement claw clips and pin-clips to add chic details to your hairstyle this summer. Big clips are also perfect for styling short hair in many different ways, so make sure your stock up on some!


05. Wet hair, don’t care

Wet hair, don’t care

Image courtesy: @addisonraee

Nobody wants to get caught in naturally greasy and sweat-wet hair; it is not that cute. But creating a faux wet hair look with awesome products for a scorchingly hot night out pubbing? Yes, please!

Main image courtesy: @kdeenihan, @mishti.rahman