It’s only natural to be perplexed when your hair throws a new, alerting problem in your face – hair fall. No matter which hair products, home remedies or protein-rich diet you feed it with, it just continues to fall and, well, snowball. And if this concern has been messing up your current hairstyle, making your hair thin in density, you should consider changing your hairstyle to give your tresses some volume and texture.

Whether you have long, medium or short hair, here are five easy-to-maintain hairstyles to try if you’re struggling with hair fall. Read on…


1. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

If you have thin hair due to hair fall, a layered bob can make a world of difference. It features layers in varying lengths, lending an angular movement to your hair. Suited practically for every face shape, it creates an illusion of volume and doesn’t need much maintenance. We say yes to this hairstyle, do you?


2.Modern Shag

02.Modern Shag

Thin hair can quickly turn limp, and to avoid this from happening, opt for a modern shag hairstyle. It usually has layers in the crown area with choppy edges at the bottom. Shag haircuts are known for their sharp and effortless look, framing the face best while adding a messy structure to the hair length.


3.Pixie cut

03.Pixie cut

Image courtesy @shorthairlife

A pixie cut is low maintenance and doesn’t need hours of styling. It is perfect for achieving a youthful look without compromising on hair volume. It has lots of layers on the crown at the back and a short fringe-like cut in the front, while the side edges are cut shorter with a soft-edgy finish.


4. Medium layers with bangs

04. Medium layers with bangs

Image courtesy @pinterest

If you’ve been thinking hard about whether to chop the long lengths of your hair short, we have some news for you. Instead of going short all the way, opt for a layered medium-length hairstyle teamed with choppy bangs to add some width and illusion of fuller texture to your hair.


5. Curtain bangs

05. Curtain bangs

Image courtesy @pinterest

A perfect match for every hair length and every face shape, curtain bangs make for a smart yet flattering option for thin hair. Instead of covering your entire forehead, it falls on the sides of your forehead and gives a gorgeous face-framing effect. Plus, they give lots of movement to your hair without feeling heavy or requiring too much maintenance!

Main image courtesy @stylebyami