5 Mom-Approved Fall Hair Colour Ideas To Try Rn

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 mom-approved fall hair colour ideas to try RN

If you've ever dyed your hair and gotten scolded by your mum say 'aye!' There's something about dyeing your hair that pisses Indian parents off. But before you decide to ditch the hair dye for good, hear us out. We've put together five mom-approved fall hair colour ideas that won't anger your mom (we promise) and will surely impress your mates. Read on, and don't forget to take notes!


01. Caramel highlights

05. E-girl streaks

Image courtesy: @dishapatani

If you don't want to go all the way and have hair that is starkly different from your natural shade, but still want a little bit of a difference, try out caramel highlights. Disha Patani's warm caramel colour is the perfect shade for Indian girls — just warm and different enough, without being OTT. Bonus? It won't get you in any trouble because of how gorgeous it looks!


02. Tonal play

05. E-girl streaks

Image courtesy: @zendaya

Look at Zendaya's hair. Do you see a little difference? No? Look at it again, but this time, go from bottom to top. The actor has sectioned off the way she's dyed her hair — lighter at the bottom, darker at the top — for an almost natural-looking, barely-there ombré effect.


03. Chunky highlights

05. E-girl streaks

Image courtesy: @bellahadid

2020 was the year everyone warmed up to face-framing bangs on the sides of the face, and 2021 seems to be the year everyone takes it up a notch. If you want a cool girl-approved pop of colour in your hair without bleaching all of it, opt for chunky highlights at the front of your face. Play around with different shades, mix multiple ones, or keep it simple and blonde — your highlights are your oyster!


04. Pastel pinks

05. E-girl streaks

Image courtesy: @therighthairstyles

Okay, hear us out — if you're going to dye your hair anyway, why not opt for one of the hottest fall hair colour ideas out there, and go for a gorgeous pastel pink? It'll look fab on brown hair while being super versatile — you can wear it as dip-dye, ombré, all the way, half-n-half, and more too! (PS: If your mom approves this, can she adopt us too?)


05. E-girl streaks

05. E-girl streaks

Image courtesy: @centennialbeauty

E-girl streaks are all the rage if you want to dye your hair a bright colour, without drawing attention. Since the colour is towards the lower sections of your hair, it's only visible when you tie your hair or push it back, making it the most mom-approved fall hair colour for 2021!

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