5 Flowers To Add To Your Hair Care Routine Rn

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
5 Flowers To Add To Your Hair Care Routine RN

When it comes to our hair, we’re always ready to go an extra mile to make sure it remains healthy and shiny - amirte, ladies? And while we’re all for elaborate hair care routines, sometimes, your hair just needs a little bit of natural, floral love. Yes, besides being a sight for the sore eyes, flowers can also be amazingly beneficial for your hair care. That’s why, we have picked out five beautiful and super beneficial flowers that you need to add to your hair care routine right away.


1. Hibiscus to prevent hair loss

Rose to soften hair

Our dadi-nani’s go-to remedy to prevent hair loss, the pretty hibiscus flower is your one-stop destination for all your hair concerns. You can use fresh hibiscus flowers to whip up hair masks at home to not just stop hair fall, but also prevent split ends, tame frizzy hair, reduce dryness, and avoid hair breakage too. This flower is truly an all rounder!


2. White lilies to thicken hair

Rose to soften hair

If dull, limp hair is your biggest hair woe, then you need to introduce white lilies to your hair care regimen. White lilies help cleanse your irritated, itchy scalp and boost strength to your hair follicles. This results in less hair fall and thicker, voluminous and shiny looking mane. So, make sure to introduce this floral ingredient in your hair care routine to bid adieu to thin, flat hair.


3. Arnica Montana to prevent dandruff

Rose to soften hair

A part of the daisy family, arnica montana is just what your hair needs to maintain a healthy scalp and prevent dandruff. With its nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, this flower keeps your scalp clean, and thus avoids dandruff. Furthermore, it stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss by strengthening your hair roots as well.


4. Jasmine to avoid dry, frizzy hair

Rose to soften hair

We couldn’t have possibly completed this list without this one! The beautifully scented jasmine flowers help moisturise your dry tresses and tame frizziness as well. All thanks to its antimicrobial properties, this floral ingredient helps prevent hair lice and other scalp infections by improving your scalp’s health.


5. Rose to soften hair

Rose to soften hair

The rose flower is loaded with beauty benefits. For your hair, you can use rose water to improve the overall health and texture of your mane. It works to make your tresses appear softer, voluminous and shiner. It also helps control oil production on your scalp and make your hair more manageable.

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