Ah, all of us are constantly fretting about our hair, aren’t we? I mean, is it our fault, though? Our hair’s riddled by breakage, roughness, and thinning. And why? Are we indulging in self-sabotaging habits or does it all come down to our genes?

Here’s a straightforward fact: even though a lot of our hair-related concerns can be traced to genetics, there are a few remedies that address the root of our issues and solve our hair problems without much of an effort. Here’s how to restore your lacklustre tresses to their former glory.


1. Tweak your shower routine

Tweak your shower routine

Let’s just scrap the scalding hot showers you have planned for today (and for forever). Hot showers strip the hair of moisture, and this loss of moisture spirals into dryness, frizziness, and breakage. It leads to dryness in the scalp too and you’re riddled with dandruff, irritation, and itchiness. Lukewarm showers are ideal — and derma-approved.

Secondly, don’t wash your hair too much, and try swapping out your perfumed, sulfate-ridden shampoos for fragrance-free clean beauty products.


2. Add zinc to your diet to reduce deficiency-related hair loss

Add zinc to your diet to reduce deficiency-related hair loss

A lack of zinc in our diet does no good for our hair; instead, it just intensifies our hair loss issues. Zinc is known to repair and strengthen our hair, enhance the growth of our hair tissue, and enable the oil follicles around the hair to function seamlessly. So ensure you’re consuming recommended portions of chickpeas, nuts, baked beans, cashews, almonds, and pecans every day.


3. Don’t forget about proteins

Don’t forget about proteins

Since your hair is made up of protein, you must ensure that you’re including protein-based foods in your diet as well. If your hair isn’t receiving a steady supply of protein, it’s a given that your strands will turn dry, brittle, and weak. It’s simple — just work protein-laden foods like oats, almonds, milk, quinoa, and lentils into your diet for healthier tresses.


4. Say no to heat-styling products

Say no to heat-styling products

Applying heat to your hair regularly is a big no-no, especially if your hair is frizzy and dry. And you’re overestimating the effectiveness of that heat-resistant product you drown your tresses in. Just steer clear of straighteners, curlers, and blow-dryers. Oh, think of it as a detox — just for your hair.


5. Introduce vitamin A to your diet

Introduce vitamin A to your diet

Vitamin A is associated with the growth and repair of cells. Apart from fighting free radicals that weigh your hair down, it triggers the production of sebum (natural oil on the scalp), which helps maintain the moisture of your locks. Try incorporating spinach, papaya, carrots, pumpkins, milk, and yoghurt into your diet. Don’t go overboard with vitamin A though — too much of it can amplify hair loss issues.