Lara Dutta style game is always on point! The prolific actress and former Miss Universe never makes a faux pas when it comes to her fashion and beauty game. This has catapulted her status to someone who knows how to look her absolute best every single time. And it’s not just her outfits and beauty game that is always on-fleek; the fashionista loves to put her hairstylists to work to get the perfect haircut or hairstyle to complement her lovely heart-shaped face.

Her lookbook can double up as a guide for women looking for the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces (broad forehead, prominent cheeks and a narrow chin), and we picked out some of the best ones…


01. Side-swept bangs with soft waves

Side-swept bangs with soft waves

Heading to somewhere fancy and need an easy-to-do hairstyle to complement your classy ensemble? Go for the side-swept bangs with soft, loose waves put in the ends. Prep your hair with lots of serum and a heat protectant to keep it looking shiny and glossy all day long.

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02. Bangs


If you’ve been contemplating getting bangs, this is your sign! Bangs look super flattering on heart-shaped faces and balance and frame the face beautifully. You can keep the rest of your hair one-length and add long bangs to the mix like Lara for a stylish hairdo.


03. Long layers

Long layers

We are officially starting a campaign to bring back fluffy layers because they are such a versatile look for most hair types. If you are looking for a manageable cut that looks lovely even without styling, this one should be right up your alley. All you need is some smoothing cream to tame the frizz! Just make sure to keep the first layer long enough to reach your chin so that it helps frame your face correctly.

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04. Half up, half down with a centre parting

Half up, half down with a centre parting

A personal fave of Lara that we have seen the stunner sport on many off-duty days is the half up half down with a center parting. The trick is pull and secure the front section away from your ears and leave the rest of your hair in the front to frame your jawline.


05. Structured low bun

Structured low bun

If you are not a fan of high ponytails or messy buns because they accentuate your forehead, this hairstyle is for you. Opt for a structured low bun with lots of waves on top and let some tendrils loose to frame your cheeks.

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