Hair loss is one of the most searched terms on Google. In just one click, you will find about 1.5 million results and countless websites with remedies, proving that it is more common than you’d think. Every woman struggles with it at some point in her life. Now, hair loss can be caused due to several reasons, and we’re breaking down the five most common ones for you. Take a look.

01. Stress

Stress Causes Hair loss

Stress takes a toll on your health, mentally and physically. When you’re stressed, your skin and hair are the first ones to get affected. Any type of stress, whether it’s emotional, physical, or even related to your professional life can cause hair loss. Sometimes, you may not notice it right away but over a period of time, stress can impact your hair’s health quite a lot. The best way to beat this is by giving yourself some time off by indulging in a hobby, meditating and doing things you enjoy.


02. Lack of Nutrients

Lack of Nutrients Causes Hair loss


03. Infections and Diseases

Infections and Diseases Causes Hair loss

Scalp infections and skin troubles can cause hair loss. Infections and diseases directly attack the scalp and create stagnancy in growth. If you spot scaly, red, irritated or itchy areas on your scalp, see a dermatologist stat! Even excess dandruff and constant itchiness can be a sign of early infection. Hair loss due to infections is temporary and can be smoothly resolved with medical attention if treated at the right time.


04. Hereditary

Hereditary Causes Hair loss

It all boils down to your genes. If your family has a history of hair loss after a certain age, it could most likely affect you as well. However, there is a way to spot genetic hair thinning. It usually occurs on top of the head, (both, in men and women) and hair starts to get scanty from there. It slowly grows and gets more prominent. In such cases, considering medical help is the best bet.


05. Wrong Hairstyles

Wrong Hairstyles Causes Hair loss

Sleek ponytails are trendy right now but tying your hair too tight all the time can lead to hair breakage and hair fall. You end up pulling too hard on your hair with tight hairstyles and that impacts the strength of your hair. In this type of hair loss, you will first see a change in your hairline. It will look more pushed back and the shape could gradually change to a parabola. Eventually, your forehead might start looking bigger when you lose hair from the front. But this can effortlessly be resolved. Just opt for loose, comfortable hairdos and avoid hairstyles that put a strain on your scalp.