Manushi Chhillar Birthday Special: 5 Non-Boring Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Written by Sumona BoseJun 29, 2022
Manushi Chhillar birthday special: 5 non-boring hairstyles for straight hair

Curly hair girls are often at loggerheads with straight-haired girls about who's got it the worst! We sympathise with both groups. Curls and waves are difficult to manage, but straight locks can look too boring if not styled well. Birthday girl Manushi Chhillar, however, has no issues with her super straight mane as this pretty girl has figured out a way to level up her hair game. Yep, Manushi’s hair looks are like a crash course on how to spruce up straight hair and create lovely, non-boring hairstyles to always look chic. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles from her that you too can easily recreate on your long, straight hair.


01. Good ol’ crimping!

Headband glam

Crimping is back in 2021, and how! This early 2000s hair trend was initially dismissed as a fad way back when pop stars were wearing it. However, millennials and Gen Z want to bring it back because, you guessed it, it is super easy to create and looks so fun. With hair that is already naturally straight, your work will be half done already. So grab yourself a crimping iron, prep the mane with some Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray and crimp away!


02. Center parted with tight waves

Headband glam

Even though it might be tricky to create tight waves on super straight hair, it does not mean that you shouldn’t at least try. Manushi cuts a figure of pure class in this centre-parted wavy hairdo. All you gotta do is invest in a good product that can hold the waves together. Our favourite pick is the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Matte Wax With Massive Hold, and you are sorted for the prep!


03. A sleek low ponytail

Headband glam

A deep side part will instantly give your boring mane an ultra-glam vibe! If you are looking for smart hairdos for dressy occasions, a deep side-parted and sleek low ponytail is a good way to go. Don’t forget to lay down pesky flyaways with a toothbrush spritzed with hairspray before stepping out the house.


04. Boxer braids

Headband glam

Boxer braids, the tighter and leaner version of Dutch braids, look great on freshly washed hair. Just remember to prep with a serum, preferably a smoothening one like TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Frizz Control And Straightening Serum to avoid tugging on your hair too much.


05. Headband glam

Headband glam

Hair accessories are your mane’s best friend. Whether you need to tame a curly mane or add accents to a straighter one, a stylish accessory will have you covered. This headband adorned hairdo can either be worn with a low ponytail or a braided bun. Either way, it will look so pretty and cute!

Images courtesy: @manushi_chhillar


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