5 Scalp Health Facts You Need To Know If You Want Healthier Tresses

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
5 scalp health facts you need to know if you want healthier tresses

The key to maintaining good hair is to educate yourself about your hair type and its needs as much as possible. And quite often, the needs of the hair outweigh the needs of the scalp, leading to issues such as hair fall, breakage and damage. You will be surprised how little you know about your scalp, which is why you constantly struggle to maintain good hair.

Well, we are here to help out. Here are five scalp health facts that will make you wish you took care of it sooner...


1. It has its microbiome

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

As compared to the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp is thicker, has more sebaceous glands and more hair follicles. And, much like your skin, your scalp also has its microbiome, which should be maintained to keep issues like inflammation and hair loss at bay.


2. Your scalp needs exfoliation too

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

Most people forget that the scalp is an extension of the skin on your head. This means that it needs the same kind of TLC you give to your skin, including exfoliation. Regular use of scalp scrubs and salicylic acid or glycolic acid hair cleansers can eliminate dead skin on the scalp and keep issues like flakiness and irritation at bay.


3. Your scalp can suffer from sensitivity too

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

You might already be familiar with sensitive skin, but scalps can suffer equal, if not more, bouts of sensitivity. Excessively dry scalps can react to harsh shampoos, fragranced hair products, artificial dyes and seasonal changes leading to hair loss. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right products and routine that suits a sensitive scalp to avoid redness or itching.


4. Your pursuit of shiny hair may be ruining your scalp

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

While ingredients like sulfates or parabens are already known to affect the health of your scalp, some sneaky additives can affect it without your knowledge. Shine-boosting ingredients like silicone, trimethicone and dimethicone work by coating your hair with a layer and give you shiny-looking hair. However, they are highly comedogenic, which means they clog the pores on the scalp and end up suffocating it, leading to hair fall and stunted hair growth.


5. Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

Your diet and lifestyle can affect your scalp

Factors like hormonal changes, stress, illnesses and diet can have a major effect on your scalp too. This is caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the scalp and leads to dandruff, infection and excessive shedding of hair. So follow a healthy diet, practise meditation to keep stress levels at a minimum and book an appointment with a doctor to get your hormonal balance checked.

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