Don’t we all want thick, voluminous hair that looks straight out of a shampoo commercial? Sadly, thanks to factors like poor diet, stress, environmental stressors, etc. the quality of our hair is highly affected and having thick hair feels like a distant goal. But not anymore. To help you achieve the fuller, voluminous hair you’ve always dreamt of, we’ve listed down five amazing tips on how to increase the volume of your hair. Check ‘em out…


1. Switch to a volumising shampoo

Switch to a volumising shampoo

To get the voluminous hair of your dreams, you have got to start by swapping your old shampoo with a volume-enhancing one like the TRESemmé Thick & Full Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated using the perfect combination of gentle cleansing agents mixed with biotin and wheat protein that give oodles of volume to hair and also prevent hair breakage.


2. Try the hot towel therapy

Try the hot towel therapy

After oiling and massaging your mane, use a hot towel to steam your hair. This ensures the oil reaches your roots and helps lock the moisture there. All you need to do is soak a towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess to make sure it’s not dripping wet and wrap your hair in it — turban style. Repeat these steps a few times and make sure your hair is wrapped and steamed for at least half an hour.


3. Massage your scalp with essential oils

Massage your scalp with essential oils

Massaging your scalp helps increase blood flow in the area, which, in turn, aids hair growth. You can increase the effectiveness by diluting some essential oils like rosemary, lavender or even castor oil with a carrier oil like coconut and jojoba and applying it onto your scalp. These oils help stimulate dormant hair follicles, strengthen your roots, control hair fall and increase hair volume drastically.


4. Blow-dry your hair upside down

Blow-dry your hair upside down

This trick has to be the quickest way to make your hair appear fuller and voluminous. For this, instead of blow-drying your tresses from the top to bottom, you need to bend forward and flip your hair ahead and then blow-dry it upside down. While doing this, you tease your hair, resulting in it raising from the roots, thus making it appear thicker and voluminous


5. Trust dry shampoos

Trust dry shampoos

Besides being a saviour for your tresses in-between washes, dry shampoo can also help increase the volume of your hair. Just spritz a good dry shampoo like the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo onto the roots of your mane from 8-12 inches away. Then gently massage it onto your scalp gently to spread it evenly. What happens here is that the dry shampoo ends up soaking the excess oil from the scalp, making your hair look voluminous.