Braids are super versatile, and there are so many different ways to braid your hair. Whether you’re having a bad hair day, want to keep hair off your face in the gym or camouflage grown-out colour, braids are the way to go. But does it always have to be a basic three-strand braid? We don’t think so.

Braids have evolved a lot over the years, today there are so many new and trendy braided hairstyles options to choose from. If you want to shake things up in the hairstyle department, here are five braided hairstyles that are anything but boring.


01. Baby braids

Baby braids

Image courtesy: @michelleonelove

The baby braid trend is back and how! It is super simple and can instantly give you cute girl vibes. Simply take a small section of hair from the front and braid it on both sides and secure with tiny hair ties to get this pretty look.


02. Rapunzel braid

Rapunzel braid

Image courtesy: @stylistruben

Those with long hair often find it difficult to keep their hair open or secure it into a bun because of the length and volume. A long Rapunzel inspired braid looks super gorgeous and trendy. To make it look glamorous and apt for the millennial Rapunzel, add many hairpins and accessories.


03. Loose side braid

Loose side braid

Image courtesy: @fashion.icon_2021

A slightly undone side braid doesn’t require a lot of time or effort, yet looks super gorgeous! You can go for a classic three-strand braid or a fishtail braid, but make sure to keep it loose. After you’re done braiding, tug on the braids gently to make them look voluminous.


04. Side braid with hair cuffs

Side braid with hair cuffs

Image courtesy: @braidsbyjaylaw

A side braid with hair cuffs is simple to create and looks beautiful and trendy. If you are looking for a bohemian hairstyle, this one should be right up your alley. Part your hair on the side and braid a section of hair, add some gorgeous hair cuffs a few inches apart and done!


05. Rope braid

Rope braid

Image courtesy: @hairbyruslan

Those who like super sleek and sophisticated braided hairstyles, here’s a stunning rope braid look you’ll fall in love with instantly! Using a lot of hair serum and styling gel, create the slicked back, tight ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into two sections and twist to get the rope braid hairstyle.


Main image courtesy: @hairbyruslan and @stylistruben