Apart from ruling the world of web series with her spectacular acting skills, Radhika Apte is also known for a few other things — her million dollar smile, great sense of style and the many different ways to style short hair. Over the past one year, many celebrities have chopped their tresses and embraced the bob and lob life, but short hair comes with a price. Or so you thought.

Here’s birthday girl Radhika Apte showing us five different and non-boring ways to style short hair and look effortlessly trendy.


01. Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls

Most women immediately regret their decision of cutting their hair short, but not Radhika. Her curls make us reach for that curling wand right now! The best part is obviously the fact that it adds heaps of volume! Girls with fine hair, are you listening?


02. Sleek undone bun

Sleek undone bun

Miss throwing your hair into a bun after chopping all that length? Take inspiration from Radhika and use a lot of hair gel to achieve this sleek bun. Don’t worry if the ends don’t stay in place, that’s what undone buns are for!


03. Dutch braid

Dutch braid

Braids may seem like an impossible task with short hair; therefore look for one that starts at the top of your head like the Dutch braid. Again, apply lots of hair gel to keep it in place and look like a million bucks.


04. Beach waves

Beach waves

Heading to the beach? It’s easier to get beach waves on short hair than you think, especially if you have slightly wavy hair. Simply spritz some texturizing spray, give your hair a good scrunch and walk out that door, don’t forget to click a pretty picture like Radhika!


05. Retro hair

Retro hair

Sure, retro curls and big waves look great on women with long hair but Radhika makes a strong statement that you can pull off the look even with short hair.

Image courtesy: @radhikaofficial