With every passing year, the possibilities in skincare and beauty are skyrocketing to infinite. Every skincare problem is addressed with a simple deliverable. For example, mixing peptides and any ingredient in the book into a machine can give you an instant face mask. You can slide in some collagen powder in your morning smoothie and solve some of the biggest skin problems by simply drizzling some serum onto your face. Seems like magic when put it like that, right? But we got something even more whimsical and OTT to discuss today—wearable beauty. To know what it is and why we are super curious about this new-gen invention, read on!


1) What is wearable beauty?

What is wearable beauty?

Image courtesy: @ph5official

If you are a beauty buff like us, this invention should excite you as it fuses skincare ingredients into your textiles. So your skin can sip on some good lovin’ skincare as you go about your day. While skincare textiles aren’t particularly new, this innovation is on the brink of becoming a part of our OOTDs now. We got you all the deets below.


2) How does wearable beauty work?

How does wearable beauty work?

Image courtesy: @acabadaactive


Think of wearable beauty as a time-saving beauty functionality. It helps you get your skincare while just going about your day, as your clothes release the ingredients into your skin to hydrate and protect it. For example, there are yarns infused with hyaluronic acid, and when used in sleepwear, it ensures that your skin is moisturised throughout the day. The same has been done with collagen as well. Another innovation? An activewear label has infused CBD into their athleisure by trapping CBD droplets in microcapsules. The microcapsules protect CBD from getting evaporated or contaminated unless their release is activated. The microcapsules are then fused into the fibre of fabrics, and as you move around wearing it, the friction triggers the microcapsules to release the ingredient onto your skin. I’d be lying if I say my jaw didn’t drop reading this.


3) Marketing ploy or real?

Marketing ploy or real?

Image courtesy: @Bukibrand 

Honestly, while all this sounds amazing, we cannot help but wonder—is it too good to be true? Because it wouldn't be the first time brands aced their marketing game to sell us ‘hero’ products. But several scientific pieces of research state that infusing skincare and wellness ingredients into fabrics can potentially yield greater harmony between physical and psychological comfort.


4) Does wearable beauty fade after a wash cycle?

Does wearable beauty fade after a wash cycle?

The ingredients are trapped in microcapsules, so won’t they lose potency after a wash? Since they’re infused directly into the fibre, they don’t lose their efficacy even after multiple washes. What’s better? Most are machine washable and don’t require dry-cleaning, making it more convenient.

5) Final thoughts and opinions

Okay, here’s where the research ends, and we step in to give our verdict on this invention. There’s no denying that the idea is brilliant and truly the next-gen innovation we all needed. This will surely save us the guilt! However, we do have a few questions. The ingredients fused into the fabric don’t come with an expiry date as with (mostly) all ingredients?; Won’t the infused skincare that gets triggered onto our skin make our skin slightly (if not a lot) moist, potentially triggering other skin infections?

Having said that, we would love to try a garment for a day or so to see if our skin feels a change! Nothing can keep us away from new skincare, tbh!