Wearing a face mask at all times is the new normal during the pandemic. Nobody is allowed any concessions for it — not even a global pop-star like Ariana Grande who loves to glam up every single day. So what do you do instead? Adapt, of course! We have spoken about the makeup challenges you can face while wearing a face mask — from eye makeup looks, lip care to even tips to make the whole experience easier. And looks like Ari has taken a few tips from our book as well because her brand new eye makeup matching the face mask looks so damn cool!

Ariana Grande face mask

Ari took to Instagram to share her signature athleisure OOTD, but this time, she paired it with a high glam face mask and makeup moment. She styled chrome-themed diamante mask and Sailor Moon-inspired pigtails with a statement iridescent eyeshadow. The entire glam look is Ariana experimenting with her makeup for the first time in many years, replacing her statement bold cat eyes with either floral lashes (her birthday look) and now this mermaid scale-themed eye. We love how she left the rest of her face completely matte and muted — giving the eyes a moment to shine!

Ariana Grande Face Mask makeup look

Another aspect that we haven't thought of tapping into yet but Ari did -- playing up her hairstyle to the T. The sheer length of her pigtailed wig, combined with warm blonde tones from the mid-lengths to the ends is a good way to add drama to your toned-down ensemble. We love!

Image courtesy: @arianagrande