Even though you’ve started with online classes instead of physical ones, there is no cause for playing it safe with your back-to-school fashion. More so now because adorable, high-school drama-worthy hairstyles are trending and what better time to try them than on your Zoom classes?

These hairdos don’t take too much of your time yet are statements enough to warrant a compliment or two. So check ‘em out and take your pick...


1. Statement pigtails

Statement pigtails

Image courtesy: @snatchedbychaq

Ever since Ariana Grande swapped her signature ponytail for ombre pigtails, the internet has been obsessed and how. Whether you’re putting half-up pigtails or gathering all that voluminous length into two pigtails, there’s no denying the fact that they are an ever-adorable hairstyle to pull off.


2. Accent braids

Accent braids

Image courtesy: @justinemarjan

Accent mini braids may seem like a detail to add to your hairstyle but actually add a lot of dimension to it. You can blend these baby braids with any hair texture, length or colour.


3. 90s flick

90s flick

Image courtesy: @chrisappleton1

It isn’t just the TikTok crowd that is debuting cute back-to-school hairdos! Between Jennifer Lopez’s space buns to this flicked out 90s ‘do from Kim Kardashian, we can’t decide which classic hairstyle is our favourite. For now, we will go with the slick side fringe paired with a baby ponytail on Kim… we are seeing it everywhere!


4. Metal clips

Metal clips

Image courtesy: @laurapolko

Whether it is baby butterfly clips or crystal barrettes, metal clips are coming back in a big way. Place them towards the middle or back of your head to add an understated accent.


5. Cyberpunk buns

Cyberpunk buns

Image courtesy: @dixiedamelio

Updating space buns with smaller, more compact and closely placed baby buns, this cyberpunk inspired hairstyle can be done quicker than your last-minute assignment. We love the long, loose double tendrils in the front as well!

Main image courtesy: @amandaleehair