The slick-with-oil tight braids that our desi moms made us wear to school may not have felt like the best thing back then, but new studies prove that coconut oil is more than just an old wives’ remedy for damaged hair.

Coconut oil can supply your hair strands with nutrients that may not be obtainable by any other substances. This makes coconut oil an absolute essential in any hair care routine as it tackles various hair issues while also offering long term health benefits for your hair. How? Here’s the science behind the popularity and effectiveness of this hero hair care ingredient.


01.Inhinbits hair loss

Inhinbits hair loss

A recent study revealed that coconut oil could prevent protein loss from your hair to a large extent. Compared to other kinds of hair oil, coconut oil can penetrate the deepest point of the hair shaft, strengthening and nourishing it from within. It also consists of a diffusion mechanism that allows it to seep into the cell membranes of hair filers and lock its protein from leaking out because of overwashing or other environmental factors. As a result, coconut oil can benefit breakage-prone hair up to 50% higher than a routine that does not contain any hair oil.


02. Repairs damaged hair

Repairs damaged hair

Damaged hair is always in need of potent ingredients to help repair and protect it. Rich in Lauric acid, otherwise only found in breast milk, coconut oil is an excellent remedy for damaged hair. Lauric acid’s medicinal and healing properties combined with the highly stable saturated fats in coconut oil can repair damaged hair effectively. Regular use of coconut oil can also protect your strands against UV damage as well!


03. Protects against pollutants

Protects against pollutants

Free radicals in the environment can enter your hair strands and cause damage, resulting in dull and tired-looking hair. Coconut oil provides double-level protection against these pollutants, helping maintain hair bonds and keeping brittleness at bay. It does so by providing a protective coating around your hair strands to block harsh pollutants from penetrating them. Even if some pollutants do manage to enter, coconut oil can also protect it from within because of its antioxidant nature that can help eliminate the free radicals.

Now that you know the many benefits of coconut oil for hair, make sure to include a lightweight formula like the Clinic Plus Non-Sticky Nourishing Hair Oil in your routine at least once a week. You can either do a deep conditioning hot oil session or even apply some oil to the hair ends after every wash — the choice is yours!