Mithila Palkar is a delight to watch on-screen. From impressing us with her performance in Girl In The City to becoming a national crush with her portrayal of Kavya in the Netflix series Little Things, and wowing us with her superiors acting chops in incredible films such as Karwan, Chopsticks and Tribhanga — Mithila Palkar is a force to be reckoned with. Her career graph has only soared ever since they set foot in the industry, and we’re obsessed with this bubbly actress's zest and happy-go-lucky attitude. But that’s not all, the actress has also taught curly-haired girls to embrace their natural hair texture with open arms. So, on Mithila’s 29th birthday today, we got you five curly hair tips the actress swears by.


01. Deep condition your mane

Deep condition your mane

Curly hair tends to get dry and frizzy quickly, so Mithila suggests using a deep conditioner once or twice a week to maintain the moisture levels and bounce. She has also divulged that sometimes she skips her conditioner and directly deep conditions as it works the best for her hair.


02. Oil your hair religiously

Oil your hair religiously

Ah! Nothing better than a hot oil champi on weekends, right? Mithila thinks so too and she makes sure to oil her hair at least twice a week to keep her curly hair moisturised. OIling also helps in keeping the shine and defined texture of curls intact.


03. Never comb dry hair

Never comb dry hair

Combing your curly hair when it's dry is a big no-no! Mithila suggests detangling hair only when you have your conditioner on to ensure the hair doesn’t break. She further suggests gently using your fingers first and then a wide toothed comb to detangle the tresses.

A side note from a fellow curly hair girl (aka yours truly): Don’t worry if you see more than normal hair fall during detangling sessions. When you have curly hair, the hair you lose daily gets stuck in-between your curls and comes off all at once when you detangle. So calm down, you’re not going bald.


04. Indulge in home remedies

Indulge in home remedies

Mithila loves using home remedies to pamper her lovely curls. She adds a mix of coconut oil and vitamin E capsule to her deep conditioner and applies it all over her mane as a hair mask for 15 minutes. She also suggests that onion oil mixed with coconut oil helps with hair fall. As we all know, onion has multiple benefits for hair such as fighting dandruff, inhibiting hair fall and adding volume, so I’m taking her word for that one and definitely trying it out.


05.Embrace your curls

Embrace your curls

Not only Mithila, but I am sure every curly hair girl has at least one experience story up her sleeve that makes her cringe or regret instantly! So, Mithila has revealed that during her college days she used a clothing iron to straighten her hair! Sheesh, that’s rough, but I’d be lying if I say I never tried it. But Mithila has since then moved on and started embracing her curls and flaunting them with much elan.

All images courtesy: @mipalkarofficial