Hair Oiling Myths You Should Have Stopped Believing Yesterday

Written by Urvi ShahJul 29, 2022
Hair oiling myths you should have stopped believing yesterday

Most of us have incorporated oiling into our hair care routine, but we don’t quite know much about this age-old remedy. A lot of us associate the habit with our mothers or grandmothers applying a concoction of oil on our tresses, and massaging our scalps — also referred to as champi — right before we crashed for the night. Almost like we've ritualised the practice, no?

Ah, so therapeutic. But what do we know about oiling beyond the fact that it’s an age-old practice? We stumbled upon an Instagram video of Dr. Aanchal Panth, a dermatologist, busting common misconceptions about oiling - and, wow, what even! You've gotta listen to this. Because you've got it all wrong.


Myth #1: Leaving oil overnight is beneficial

Myth #4: Oiling controls dandruff

According to Dr. Panth, oil conditions the hair by forming a coating over your strands, and applying the same to frizzy, dry, and damaged tresses - just the strands - can help. Here comes the shocker. Leaving it on overnight does nothing for your hair! Yup. That, right there, is a derm-backed claim. She says that you can wash the oil off within a few hours of application. You can massage the Indulekha Bringha Oil, enriched with antioxidant-laden bringhara, protein-loaded vatadha, vitamin C-packed amla, dandruff-repellent svetakutaja, and other powerful herbs, into your strands regularly to strengthen and nourish them.


Myth #2: Oiling reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth

Myth #4: Oiling controls dandruff

We’ve all had our moms and nanis convincing us that oiling will help us achieve longer, stronger hair. But that’s far from the truth. Dr. Panth states that oiling doesn't promote the growth of your hair, neither does it control hair fall. Instead, you should stick to following a healthy diet, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and de-stressing for healthy hair.


Myth #3: You should oil your scalp

Myth #4: Oiling controls dandruff

This one’s a complete shocker. If you’re an Indian kid, you endured a rigorous champi session at least once, where your mom poured (what felt like gallons) oil on your scalp and massaged it like there was no tomorrow. But, Dr. Panth suggests applying oil 4-5 inches away from the root. Why? Our scalp produces natural oils and can keep itself nourished. The rest of your hair struggle to reap the benefits of the natural oils and hence get dry. That’s why it’s best to apply oil along the lengths of your hair and avoid the scalp altogether. A pro-tip? Always use coconut oil. It works best!


Myth #4: Oiling controls dandruff

Myth #4: Oiling controls dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair woe. But if you’ve ever resorted to oiling your hair to get rid of dandruff, we’ve got news for you. According to Dr Panth, you must steer clear of hair oil if you're struggling with dandruff. Oil just exacerbates the condition. Instead, you should invest in a shampoo containing zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole to treat dandruff effectively.

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