Disha Patani and her gorgeous mane are familiar to all; the girl has got a stunning head of hair and we are certainly envious. At first glance, Disha’s hair might indicate an elaborate hair care routine, one filled with pricey hair products, and not one, but multiple volumizing creams to make it gain all that gravity-defying body. But, in a recent interview, Disha revealed the one thing that helps her manage constantly over-processed and over-styled hair and it is a pretty simple fix...oil it!

Disha Patanis hair care tips for long and beautiful hair

Disha revealed that her busy lifestyle (and personal preferences to chill rather than attend to her hair) sometimes comes in the way of showing her hair some TLC. Which is why her routine is simple, “Shampoo, conditioner, sometimes oiling, it’s perfect for your hair, but most of the time I am very lazy to do it,” Disha confessed. However, she makes up for the lack of attention with an overnight oiling session in one go. She elaborated on her hair oiling further and stated, “I oil it.. once a week or once in two weeks, I oil my hair and keep it in the night and then I keep it like this. And then I go everywhere with oily hair or whatever. But when I wash it, it just looks so beautiful and so hydrated.” Pretty simple!

For hair enthusiasts out there, this will come as no shock because after all, nourishing hair oil functions similarly to a deep conditioning mask. You can take a nice hair oil to your scalp as well, giving it the nutrients it needs to help grow healthy. However, it can be tricky to sleep or go to places with oily hair. Here are some tips…

Disha Patanis hair care tips

1. Make sure to apply oil on a clean scalp so that none of the dirt, grease and gunk buildup weighs it down more than it needs to.

2. Pick lightweight and greaseless hair oils that have a non-sticky formula, yet are filled with good ingredients for the scalp. The Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil - Rose & Almond Oil is formulated with a leave-in texture and can even be used for post-wash styling.

3. Cover your head with a scarf or cap while out and about in the city; oily hair can get really dirty very fast.

4. Put your oiled mane in braided protective hairstyles, so that you are not pulling on them too much like with a bun or ponytail.

5. Part your hair into sections and work the hair oil instead of pouring it out on your hair. This will improve absorption and prevent the staining of your clothes and pillowcases with oil. Excess hair oil will just sit in your hair and do nothing, so make sure to follow the ‘less is more’ rule at all times.

Images courtesy: @dishapatani