Try These 3 Superfoods To Keep Monsoon-Related Hair Fall At Bay

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Try these 3 superfoods to keep monsoon-related hair fall at bay

Every season brings with it a host of skin and hair woes to deal with. Monsoon brings with it high levels of humidity that makes your skin and scalp feel greasy. It also robs moisture off your hair making it frizzy, lifeless and prone to breakage. So, if you’re experiencing hair fall this season, let us tell you, you’re not alone.

Haircare habits like conditioning and masking can help improve the health of your hair to a major extent, but to effectively tackle monsoon related hair problems, you also need to incorporate certain superfoods in your diet. Here are some foods that can help.



Tips to tackle hair fall in monsoon

Infections are common in monsoon; the antimicrobial properties of nutmeg help keep them at bay. The presence of vitamin B6, magnesium and folic acid prevents monsoon related hair loss. Adding a small pinch of nutmeg to your glass of milk and drinking it at bedtime can be very beneficial for your body and hair.


Fenugreek seeds

Tips to tackle hair fall in monsoon

Another important food to include in your diet during the monsoon is fenugreek seeds aka methi seeds. Rich in protein and nicotinic acid, it helps address a number of monsoon related hair problems like dandruff, hair fall and dryness. Fenugreek seeds can be too bitter to consume; so add a few seeds to your food while cooking to balance out the flavour. Apply it topically by warming some coconut oil in a bowl and adding fenugreek seeds to it. Once the oil has cooled down, apply to the roots and leave it overnight.


Garden greek seeds

Tips to tackle hair fall in monsoon

Iron deficiency is another reason for hair fall; including foods rich in iron and folic acid can help prevent hair loss. Garden greek seeds are rich in both these nutrients and the best way to consume them is by soaking the seeds in milk overnight and drinking it in the morning.


Tips to tackle hair fall in monsoon

Tips to tackle hair fall in monsoon

- If you end up getting drenched, wash the rain water out of your hair immediately as it contains pollutants and toxins that damage the hair.

- Use shampoo and conditioner formulated to tackle seasonal hair issues; the Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner locks in the moisture in your hair and keeps frizz at bay, leaving you with soft and silky hair.

- Do not comb hair when it’s wet as wet hair is more prone to breakage.

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