We are on the final day of the first ever ‘phygital’ Lakmé Fashion Week 2021, and we have some mixed feelings. While we will miss the general euphoria of fashion week days, we are also pretty psyched about trying out all the amazing hair and makeup trends spotted on the runway.

If you have been following LFW 2021, you’d know that OTT hairstyles and funky hair accessories have been reigning the runway, and Day 5 wasn't any different. From dainty hair pins to berets, here are all the swoon-worthy and totally wearable hair accessories that ruled the ramp on Day 5 of Lakmé Fashion Week 2021…


01. Hair threads

Hair threads

The theme of the Pearl Academy First Cut show was inspired by Judith Butler’s essay ‘Gender Trouble’ and aimed to create gender neutral clothing that would break the societal constructs of masculinity and femininity. To match this powerful theme, models were seen wearing sleek low ponytail secured in place with silver threads. We love how sustainable, chic and absolutely low-maintenance this hair trend is and see ourselves wearing it quite often this summer.


02. Berets


With the summer season here in full swing, a lot of the upcoming hair trends on the runway featured stylish hair accessories, and we are loving it. The Pearl Academy show featured some chic berets in solid colours that’ll look oh-so-cute with your summer outfits. Don’t you agree?


03. Hairnets and scarves

03. Hairnets and scarves

Since the theme of the Pearl Academy First Cut show was gender fluidity, every piece of their entire collection can be worn by both men and women. We spotted some male models rocking ‘quintessentially feminine’ hair accessories like hairnets and scarves, thereby making a powerful statement. So kickass!


04. Hair pins

04. Hair pins

The Taneira show, with its flora and fauna inspired Indian ethnic yet progressive pieces, was a total delight to watch. The makeup artists paired all the pieces from this eco-friendly collection with beautiful golden hair pins. We really like how this simple addition helped in completely revamping an otherwise simple hairstyle.