Everyone tells you how to take care of your hair by recommending easy-breezy hairstyles, the right hair care products and other essential tips. However, when it comes to taking care of your hair at night, no one tells you what not to do. Would you go to bed without doing your nighttime skincare routine? Never! Because you want to wake up with healthy and glowing skin. Similarly, if you don’t want to wake up to frizzy and tangled hair, you need to prevent some hair care mistakes before hitting the sheets.

Avoiding these hair care mistakes will allow you to wake up to frizz-free, shiny and tangle-free hair. Scroll down to learn what these mistakes are and why you should avoid them.


1. Braiding wet hair

Braiding wet hair

Wet hair is fragile and more prone to breakage, and tying up damp hair will only end up damaging it. This is why you should avoid this mistake at all costs. Ideally, wash your hair in the morning. But if you wash it at night, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly and secure it in a loose braid before going to bed.


2. Tying hair too tight

Tying hair too tight

One common mistake that most women tend to make is that they tie their hair into a tight braid or ponytail before going to bed at night. This exerts pressure on the roots and can lead to hair fall. This also prevents you from getting a peaceful sleep as tight hairstyles can sometimes cause hair ache too. So, avoid putting your hair into tight hairstyles before going to bed at night.


3. Sleeping with hair products on

Sleeping with hair products on

If you attended a special occasion or event with a trendy hairstyle and used many hair styling products, make sure to get rid of it before going to bed at night. You may be tempted to go to bed and keep the hairstyle for another day, but don’t make this mistake. Leaving the setting spray and gels in your hair for too long can leave your hair dry and frizzy. These products will also rub off on the pillowcase and come in contact with your skin causing skin problems like breakouts.


4. Using a metal hair accessory

Using a metal hair accessory

Avoid wearing any type of metal accessory in your hair at night. Not only will it hurt your scalp, but your hair will also get stuck in it and lead to hair breakage. Remove clutches, pins and other types of metal accessories from your hair before going to sleep.