We love Fashion Weeks because they introduce us to bigger and better beauty trends. Every season, beauty enthusiasts sit with their eyes glued on their screens to watch what global makeup artists and stylists have created with their inane talent. This time, we’re seeing a peculiar hair trend grabbing eyeballs on the ramp. The dry, frizzy hair that was once a runway staple, has been shunned away by wet, glossy tresses. This look lets the model’s natural hair texture shine with a little styling here and there. We’re talking about hair enamellin

Inspired by the French glossing technique that combines permanent hair colour with a subdued hair gloss, which adds a multidimensional lustre to the hair. The hair enamelling trend is huge this season, and here’s all the dope you need.


Why we love it:

Why we love it:

This trend is super easy to recreate. There are a bunch of styles to try out when experimenting with hair enamelling. The flattened bangs for Altuzarra by James Pecis are the most prominent and the biggest runaway hit. All you need to do is take a few strands of your bangs and lay them flat across your forehead. This was the most significant highlight of hair. We also think this radiates the early 2000s emo energy. Avril Lavigne, anyone?

This hairstyle has already started to attract clients and celebrity hairstyles state that more and more customers have been demanding this look.

In conclusion, tousled beachy waves with a few slick strands are super stylish right now!


How to recreate it:

How to recreate it:

Image courtesy: James Pecis

You will need a thin-toothed comb and a hair serum. We recommend the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum as it makes your hair softer thanks to the goodness of camelia oil and keratin in the formula.

  • Brush your hair like you normally would.
  • Now, take a small section from the front and apply some hair serum to it.
  • Part it in two to three smaller sections and lay them flat.
  • Try to pick sections from one end and lay them towards the other, and voila!

Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Main image courtesy: Altuzarra