Lakmé Fashion Week 2021 has come to an end, but not without leaving us with some major hair inspiration for the season. Tons of hair accessories and effortless hairdos dominated the ramp this season. The drama we saw unfolding on the ‘phygital’ runway in the last five days was breathtaking!

If you didn’t get a chance to see them all, fret not; we’ve bookmarked the best hairstyles spotted on the runway this season. As the temperature begins to rise, these top knots, braided buns and bow braids are all you need to get through the sweltering summer season.


01. Messy pigtails with headband

Messy pigtails with headband

Easygoing, effortless hairstyles are our go-to in summer. As soon as we spotted this messy pigtails with a headband look on the runway, we instantly fell in love with them. No matter what your hair length, this back-to-school hairstyle is sure to make you look effortlessly stylish this season.


02. Sleek low bun with tendrils

Sleek low bun with tendrils

Sleek hairdos look super trendy and keep hair off your face and neck. However, if you are bored of sporting the same old sleek ponytails and top knots, here’s a trendy hairstyle fresh off the runway. Add some face-framing tendrils to elevate the look.


03. Top knot with braid

Top knot with braid

This super trendy hairdo screams summer like no other. When you can’t decide between a top knot and a braid, go for both! A sleek top knot using the top half section of your hair and a clean braid using the lower half section of your hair — it’s that simple.


04. Low textured bun

Low textured bun

This hairstyle has got you covered if you’ve got a summer wedding coming up. This easy-to-do effortless low textured bun is perfect for all your summer looks. Pair it with a casual outfit or something more traditional, and you will look trendy AF!


05. Space buns with mismatched scarves

Space buns with mismatched scarves

These messy buns with mismatched scarves hairdo scream summer. This season is all about hair accessories, especially scarves in silk and cotton. Tie them around buns for a fun and chic look or wrap them your head; the options are endless!

Images courtesy: @fdciofficial & @lakmefashionwk