Honestly, being a girl sometimes is tiring! With all the work that goes into putting together an outfit, hair and makeup before stepping out in the morning, it's ineludible to get saturated. But then again, it is important to find the right hair and makeup to match that perfect outfit for brunch, even if you are running on 2 hours of sleep, amirite?! So, here we’ve got you three Y2K inspired hairstyles that are super cute and easy to achieve to make sure you don’t stress about looking good even on the laziest days!


01. Bubble braid

Bubble braid

Image courtesy: @gigihadid

Bubble braids are so fun and whimsical. The main appeal of this hairstyle is the quirkiness that it brings while being so simple to achieve. All you need to do is tie a ponytail, or two, wherever you wish and use hair ties at one-inch gaps. As you secure each elastic make sure to pull the hair gently from both sides, creating a bubble effect. You can either make a full ponytail or do it the Gigi way. Ease and perfect for days when you want to look cute yet can’t wake up on time *too real, too quick*.


02. Reverse cage braid

Reverse cage braid

Image courtesy:  @Siobhan Retsina

Part your hair in the middle, start taking one section from each side and join them with a hair tie. Continue doing it till you look like you made a beard (yeah!). Then just flip it back, and voila! You have your own mini french braid updo. You can always skip the hair tie and braid it if you’re feeling extra motivated. Either way, this hairstyle is elegant yet quirky.


03. Rubber band french twist

Rubber band french twist

Image courtesy: @ La Moda Medium

If you are a 90s or 00s kid, you’ve had this hairstyle at least once. Thanks to the 2021s craze of anything Y2K, we get to reminisce the gems of our childhood! Part your hair in the middle and tie a small section with a band to achieve this hairstyle. Keep adding strands from the front to the tied sections, just like you would with a twist hairdo. You can always go with a black hair tie, but honestly, colourful hair ties are what bring this look together and help you live that Barbie dream of your juvenescence!