5 Ways To Fake Voluminous Hair, According To Kim Kardashian’s Hair Artist

Written by Urvi ShahNov 15, 2022
5 ways to fake voluminous hair, according to Kim Kardashian’s hair artist

Chris Appleton, the man behind Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez's iconic volume-loaded hairdos shared five no-effort tips that play into the illusion of thicker hair within seconds. Here's what you need to know.


01. Use a round brush at the roots

Change your bun

In order to lift the roots of your hair, Appleton suggests spraying the area with a thickening spray, and proceeding to retrieve a round brush before wrapping the pieces around it, and lifting upwards while applying heat for a few seconds.


02. Switch your part

Change your bun

Image Courtesy: @britishvogue

The easiest way to change your look is by switching your part. A new part can play into the illusion of thicker hair—positioning your hair in a different direction provides a natural lift to your roots.


03. Try out the TikTok ponytail hack

Change your bun

Image Courtesy: @redmagazine

The way you style your hair makes a difference. Instead of pulling your hair into a standard ponytail, you must try out this hack going around on TikTok that plays into the appearance of a thicker ponytail. Just split your hair into two sections, and secure the top part with an elastic. Go on to divide the bottom part into two more sections and tie them on top of the first ponytail, and voila, you have a deceivingly-thicker updo within seconds.


04. Sleep with braids

Change your bun

It's as simple as twirling your tendrils into braids before sleeping. This hairstyle can add a little volume to your hair overnight. Just spritz the ends of your hair with the You can spritz a texturising spray like the TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Texture Hold Level 1 Hair Spray, and create loose braids throughout. You can create one braid. Or two on either side of the head. It depends on the length of your hair. And that's it!


05. Change your bun

Change your bun

Image Courtesy: @instyle

Appleton swears by a hack that actually does justice to the coveted messy bun. Part your hair down the middle, and create two high ponytails on both sides of the head. Tie hair-ties around each ponytail twice, and on the third/final loop, don't pull the ponytail through. Pull it halfway to create a fanned-out bun instead. Once you've done this on both sides, you need to cross the buns over one another (pull one loop through the other loop) and pin them into place. You can spritz a texturising spray onto your hair to create more volume.

Main Image Courtesy: @chrisappleton

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