Inspired by the helix structure of a DNA molecule, DNA braids have swept all over Instagram as one of the most popular hair trends of the year. What’s the best part? It has arrived just in time for summer. So while you were looking for inspiration to keep your hair away from the face and neck we sat down to simplify this complicated looking braid for you.

DNA Braids

Popularised by Rhode Island based hairstylist Alexandra Wilson on Instagram, the braid has garnered close to 5k likes. Wilson has also posted a sped-up video tutorial on her feed for hairstyle enthusiasts. Nailing this hair trend will take some patience and practice, therefore we recommend you bookmark this page as we simplify it for you in a step-by-step format.

DNA Braids

Step 1: This hairstyle is closely similar to fishtail braids, however instead of two sections divide hair into three sections and keep the middle one smaller than the others. The centre section works as a stationery strand on which your braid is built.

Step 2: Take a little piece of hair from the left section, cross it under the middle section and finally add it to the right side.

DNA Braids

Step 3: Now take a little piece of hair from the right section, bring it over the middle section and finally add it to the right side.

Step 4: Keep repeating step 2 & 3 until you complete your braid.

Step 5: As you keep working, the braid will naturally twist and give the helix structure look.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram