In summers, where almost every celeb is going chop-chop, Janhvi Kapoor is one of the few who prefers keeping her tresses long. We love her long, effortlessly wavy mane, but what we love more is her strong braid game. The actress sure knows how to handle the hot and humid weather with impressive braid hairstyles.

Recently, Janhvi posted a picture from her vacay sporting the double Dutch boxer braid exhibiting major summer vibes. If you are looking for ways to beat the heat with trendy hairstyles, here’s a double Dutch boxer braid hair tutorial for you.

Get the look: Janhvi Kapoor’s double Dutch boxer braids are perfect for summers

Step 01: Begin on clean, freshly washed hair. It will work better if your hair is still a little damp. Start by spritzing the Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Invisible Hold Natural Finish Texture Hold Level 2 Hair Spray to add texture and give the braid some grip.

Step 02: Part your hair at the centre to get two equal sections of hair. Clip away one side to keep the section neat.

Step 03: Grab a small section of hair at the crown to start your braid. Divide this section into three equal pieces and begin your Dutch braid.

Step 04: Cross the first strand under the middle and then the left strand under the middle.

Step 05: Pick a new section of hair, add it to the right strand, and then cross under the middle.

Step 06: Add a new section to the left strand and cross it under the middle strand.

Step 07: Continue repeating steps 05 and 06 till you reach the end. Secure with a hair tie.

Step 08: Repeat the same steps on the other section of hair to get your trendy summer hairstyle inspired by Janhvi Kapoor!

All image courtesy: @janhvikapoor