Even though the super adorable Janhvi Kapoor is just a few films old, the actress has managed to impress the audience with her superior acting skills and on-point beauty game. She has already won many nods of approval for her approach to skin, hair and makeup. Here are some cues you should definitely take from her…


1. The secret to her flawless complexion

The secret to her flawless complexion

Janhvi’s secret to a flawless, glowing complexion is two-fold — skip the foundation and rely on skincare instead. The stunner confessed to using tinted sunscreens instead of applying a thick layer of the foundation. She also likes to keep her skin in top shape with facial oils like almond oil and ingredient-led products like vitamin C serums and emollient-like moisturisers (a lot of it as well!).


2. Scalp care for a healthy mane

Scalp care for a healthy mane

Janhvi’s pampers her tresses with natural ingredients and regular head massages. She confessed to putting a lot of foods in her hair — eggs, beer, methi, amla, etc.. She also grew up massaging her scalp with hair oil boiled in dried flowers — take note, girls!


3. Keep having fun with your makeup

Keep having fun with your makeup

As a young person, you will always be told what you should or shouldn't do… including keeping your makeup looking ‘acceptable’. Janhvi is often a makeup artist for her sister Khushi and ends up giving her the most quirky and fun looks you can imagine. She likes to experiment with her own glam game as well. From coloured eyeliners to neon manicures that she so proudly shows off, Janhvi is proof that you can have fun with your glam and still be unapologetically stunning doing so!


4. How to do her signature, doe-eyed makeup look

How to do her signature, doe-eyed makeup look

When not getting dolled up, Janhvi likes to wear her signature, doe-eyed makeup looks a lot. Her makeup artist Vardan Nayak revealed “metallic eye pencils, skin-coloured liner for the waterline, lots of mascara, peachy and earthy eye shadows, and plain lipsticks with an earthy tone,” is all she needs to create these looks. For her off-duty looks, Janhvi’s go-to products are powder blushes in pink, peach and brick tones, nude lip colours, transparent lip glosses, and heavy mascara to masterfully curl her lashes.


5. DIY hair mask for red carpet ready hair

DIY hair mask for red carpet ready hair

Janhvi doesn’t mind getting messy to get red-carpet-worthy voluminous tresses! The actress shared her elaborate, somewhat bizarre, pre-red carpet hair routine and it is not nearly as glamorous as you think. A deep conditioning mask consisting of coconut milk, eggs, honey, curd and olive oil is her prep staple. No wonder Janhvi’s perfume trick involves walking into a mist of product — gotta have something to mask the smell of eggs *wink*!

Images courtesy: @janhvikapoor