Most B-town celebs have envious hair. And if you thought that they have pricey products and regular trips to the dermat to thank for their gorgeous mane, well, think again. Turns out, celebs are just like you and me; they too resort to age-old traditions to keep their hair looking shiny and healthy. Yes, really. Take the stunning Katrina Kaif for example. The actress recently posted a picture on Instagram in which she was seen indulging in some self-care by oiling her hair to strengthen them.

So girls, if you want celebrity-esque hair, it’s time to pamper to those tresses with good ‘ol hair oil champis. Here are four benefits of oiling your hair regularly.

katrina kaif secret to healthy hair

Image courtesy: @katrinakaif

01. Makes hair stronger

One of the major benefits of regularly oiling your hair is that it helps to strengthen the hair by increasing its elasticity. This adds tensile strength, which means that your hair ends up being less prone to breakage and looks healthy and frizz-free.

02. Moisturizes your hair

Oiling provides your hair with intense hydration and nourishment. Oils like coconut oil penetrate your hair shaft quite easily and form a layer of hydration; this prevents moisture loss and keeps your hair looking hydrated and frizz-free.

Katrina kaif hair growth secrets

Image courtesy: @katrinakaif

03. Reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth

A healthy way to promote hair growth is by regularly providing your strands with essential vitamins, nutrients and proteins it needs to prevent breakage. Therefore, using a blend of oils such as the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil - Rose & Almond Oil helps to nourish your strands, add strength and prevent hair fall caused due to frizz and dehydration.

04. Nourishes the scalp

Clogged pores are the major cause of a lot of hair problems such as dandruff, itchiness, stunted hair growth and hair fall. Massaging your scalp with a warm blend of hair oils helps to lift away dead skin cells, increase blood circulation in the area and keeps your scalp healthy, thus boosting hair health and growth.

Main image courtesy: @katrinakaif