Kiara Advani seems to be enjoying a pretty exciting December 2020. Her latest release, Indoo Ki Jawani, has hit theatres and is making audiences LOL with her comic timing. And, while the film’s success still remains to be declared, one thing if for sure — Kiara’s beauty game has drastically improved and how. From signature wavy locks to skin that seems to glow from within, here are some of the best beauty tips we’ve picked up from the stunner…


1. Body-wave hair will never go wrong

Body-wave hair will never go wrong

Kiara’ signature wavy hairstyle is her go-to for a reason — it adds a lot of body to her fine hair and looks glamorous every time. Hiral Bhatia, the creative mind behind Kiara’s lovely hair looks, revealed how she creates the waves: “Start by dividing your mane into horizontal sections. I use a 16mm, slim curling wand at 180-degree Celsius temperature to curl the hair. Take small sections and start winding the hair around the wand; place the loops far from each other. Slightly tug on the sections so that your curl pattern is elongated. Remove the curl from the wand and gently pull again so that the curls don’t cool in a very tight form. Once you’re done curling your hair, wait for five minutes for everything to cool down and shake it all up nicely. After shaking it up, separate the curls with your fingers to open them up slightly. For finishing touches, use a serum or lightweight hair oil to add shine and end with a finishing spray.”


2. Include fresh cream in your skincare routine

Include fresh cream in your skincare routine

Kiara likes to include fresh cream in her skincare regimen. She revealed in an interview, “My mom makes this paste with fresh cream and besan, which works as a scrub, and she insists I follow this home treatment once a month.” This mix of natural ingredients is perfect for dry skin types. The fat and lactic acid-rich fresh cream combined with a physical exfoliant like gram flour can be very nourishing indeed.


3. Always go for the glow

Always go for the glow

Sure, matte makeup might feel like the go-to option for a longwear base. But, when done correctly, radiant, dewy makeup looks can hold their ground against odds as well. Plus, it makes you look more youthful. Prep your skin with an illuminating primer and use glowy staples like highlighters and shimmer bricks to make your skin look lit-from-within.


4. Add some classy touches to your look

Add some classy touches to your look

Even though Kiara is a millennial fashionista, she likes to add refined details to her beauty looks. Sleek straight hair, a bold red lip here and there and kohl smudged eyes that are a desi makeup staple she keeps her looks eclectic. This is an excellent way to keep your makeup game exciting.


5. Learn to create a budge-proof red lip

Learn to create a budge-proof red lip

There are some makeup techniques that you should master regardless of whatever is trending at the moment. How to do a bold red lip is one of these essential techniques and Kiara loves them. Her go-to MUA Lekha Gupta revealed how it should be done. “Opt for matte formulations and apply a tad bit of translucent powder over the lips before layering with lipstick. I prefer defining the outline with a lip liner and even filling in the lips fully with it. This helps to create a protective line and avoid bleeding." Neat!

Images courtesy: @kiaraaliaadvani