There’s no dearth of hairstyles to take inspiration from, but when it comes to experimental hairstyles, Kriti Sanon has set the bar quite high. Unlike most celebrities who are often spotted in a sleek bun or loose waves, Kriti and her hairstylist Aasif Ahmed are known to try something out of the box. Every. Single. Time. From rocking a flower buns to reverse Dutch braids, we love how the actress manages to pull off the most stunning and never-seen-before hairdos so effortlessly. Ahead, top five Kriti Sanon proved she’s the queen of experimental hairstyles.


01. Gold string braid

Gold string braid

Image courtesy: aasifahmedofficial

We’ve seen all sorts of braids, but nothing comes close to this glamorous hairdo. A low ponytail secured with gold string and further intertwined into a four-strand braid — colour us impressed. If you’re looking for a simple yet trendy way to glam up your look, this is by far the easiest way to do it.


02. Boxer braids

Boxer braids

Image courtesy: @kritisanon

If you’ve been sporting a ponytail to all your gym and yoga sessions, here’s a trendy and experimental hairstyle idea from the diva you can copy right away. Let loose a few tendrils to frame your face and make that post-gym selfie look bomb.


03. Triple stack bun

Triple stack bun

Image courtesy: aasifahmedofficial

Buns are quite versatile and the go-to hairstyle for a lot of celebrities. But Kriti does everything with a twist; so, instead of one neat bun, she sported a triple stack bun and took the classic hairdo several notches higher.


04. Loose side braid

Loose side braid

Image courtesy: @kritisanon

Classic three-strand braids can also look trendy — when done with a twist. This loose side braid goes perfectly well with traditional outfits. If you have long and thick hair like Kriti’s, do give this one a try.


05. Flower bun

Flower bun

Image courtesy: @aasifahmedofficial

Instead of a classic low bun, switch things up a little and try the flower bun to go with your ethnic outfits this upcoming festive season. Try matching the colour of the flower to your outfit for a fun look.