5 Post-Quarantine Haircut Trends To Watch Out For, According To Celebrity Hairstylist Hiral Bhatia

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 post-quarantine haircut trends to watch out for, according to celebrity hairstylist Hiral Bhatia

There are a couple of things we’re looking forward to in the post-quarantine phase, and one of them is finally getting to step into a salon for a haircut. The chatter of hairstylists, sound of blow dryers and the smell of fragrant shampoos wafting through the air are thoroughly missed!

But what kind of hair trends do we look forward to post-quarantine, anyway? We roped in celebrity hairstylist Hiral Bhatia (@bbhiral) to shed some light on the hair trends we’ll be seeing everywhere post-lockdown. 

Check out Hiral’s top five picks right here!


01. Long layers

05. Textured bangs

Image courtesy: @_ashakumari

For most, the quarantine months were spent indoors with less styling and much lesser sun exposure. Hiral says, “I am sure we’re all going to emerge from this quarantine with healthy hair and skin.  And with no access to hairstylists, if you’ve started to love the length you’ve grown, just add long layers to your hair. It will give your hair much volume and movement.”


02. Curtain fringe

05. Textured bangs

Image courtesy: @sukiwaterhouse

Looking for something glamorous? Hiral recommends the curtain fringe. “Very 60s. Very classy. Instantly softens the face, especially for those who have a broad face,” she says, adding that top knots and high ponytails look bomb when paired with this fringe.


03. Textured haircuts

05. Textured bangs

Image courtesy: @ursulolita

If you’re planning to chop-chop with your tresses, Hiral suggests adding layers to them too. “Get rid of that length and layer your hair up! You can opt for a mid-back length or go pixie. Layers will accentuate your natural hair texture and are easy to maintain,” she says. Hiral suggests applying a good pomade and scrunching your hair up for a modern editorial vibe. “ Very Tokyo from Money Heist,” says adds.


04. One length bob

05. Textured bangs

Image courtesy: @brianaguilarhair

The one-length bob is a classic look. Talking about this hairstyle, Hiral says, “More than the texture, it’s about the shape. Sometimes the outline of such haircuts is solid, but the texture is added internally to add drama to the hair.” This works the best for thick hair too.


05. Textured bangs

05. Textured bangs

Image courtesy: @selenagomez

Most women stay away from bangs to avoid all the maintenance that comes with them. “Gone are the days when you have to keep straightening and blow-drying your bangs,” claims Hiral. She suggests to layer up the bangs to add texture and wear them that way. “I personally love curly bangs,” confessed Hiral and we share the sentiment wholeheartedly! 

With all that said, Hiral also advises against following trends blindly. “Choose hairstyles that are modern, more progressive and experimental, but see what works the best for your face shape and hair type because we’re all are unique,” she says and we couldn’t agree more. 

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