5 Postpartum Haircare Tips Every New Mom Needs To Know About

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
5 postpartum haircare tips every new mom needs to know about

The first few months after giving birth to your little bundle of joy are some of the most hectic in a woman’s life. You get so engrossed in taking care of the baby and trying to ease into the role of motherhood that you often tend to forget what your body went through over the last several months. Thanks to all the hormonal changes during pregnancy, postpartum hair fall is a major problem many new mommies need to cope with, along with everything else.

While this is absolutely natural and is rarely a reason to worry, it always helps to follow a simple yet effective hair care routine to strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall. Here are five quick and simple postpartum hair care tips for new moms to deal with postpartum hair loss and make your hair appear longer and stronger over time.


01. Give yourself a hot oil massage

05. Eat a balanced diet

Hot oil treatments are one of the best ways to strengthen your hair. Apart from intensely moisturising your hair, massaging the scalp with oil improves blood circulation in the area and promotes hair growth. Well-moisturised hair is a lot less prone to breakage.


02. Avoid tight hairstyles

05. Eat a balanced diet

Pregnancy leads to a surge in certain hormones in your body, which is why many women notice a sudden improvement in the quality of their hair. But after childbirth, these hormones start going back to normal, and that’s why you notice postpartum hair loss. Don’t add to this stress by tying your hair in tight hairstyles. Switch to quick and easy protective hairstyles like loose buns and braids to minimise hair fall.


03. Use a hair mask

05. Eat a balanced diet

With all your time spent taking care of the new baby, we completely understand that going to the salon for a pampering hair spa sounds nearly impossible. But guess what? You can achieve similar results in the comfort of your home by using a deep conditioning hair mask. Simply apply a little bit of the product all over your hair and scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off to get soft and shiny tresses.


04. Do not over wash

05. Eat a balanced diet

Your hair is at its weakest for a couple of months postpartum, thanks to the sudden fluctuation in the hormone levels. Washing your hair very often not only causes a lot more breakage, but the harsh chemicals in most shampoos end up over-drying your hair and scalp. If you have an excessively oily scalp, then remember to use dry shampoo before bed to keep your hair fresh in between washes.


05. Eat a balanced diet

05. Eat a balanced diet

Your body just underwent a tremendous change, and it is okay to allow it some time to heal. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet, take the necessary supplements and drink plenty of water to help your body heal faster and eventually eliminate all your postpartum hair issues.

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