Quirky Winter Hair Colour Trends For 2020

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Quirky winter hair colour trends for 2020

2020 has been a long, hard year for everyone — the global pandemic forced us to stay indoors, leaving us with a whole lotta time on our hands. Some spent this extra time baking; others, getting into shape. But celebs and beauty enthusiasts went all out to make the most of all the free time on hand. From churning out innovative face masking technique to creating stunning makeup looks and of course, colouring their mane in every shade of their favourite quirky pigment — they’ve done it all!

Earlier, we talked about pastel hair as a beauty trend that was a direct result of quarantine, but now it looks like there’s more. Winter 2020’s top hair colour trends are bold, statement and oh-so-fun bright hues that you might never hope to try if it wasn’t for having to spend months not feeling your glam self. Don’t believe us? Here are some trendy hair colour ideas that everyone will be wearing in winter 2020, and you should as well!


1. Cool blue

Liquid gold

Image courtesy: @kimberlytayhair

Let’s start simple — blue is a hair colour that is instantly eye-catching, but also manages to blend in seamlessly with dark, desi hair. Plus, what better way to get rid of quarantine hair than a cool toned-hue that puts back gloss and shine into dull hair. We approve of this one!


2. Dusty pink

Liquid gold

Image courtesy: @Imariehairr

Dusty pink Blame it on cool ‘IT’ girls like Maisie Williams and Taylor Swift to make us crave pink hair! It is undoubtedly a difficult colour to pull off, but we are not interested in going easy either. Super fun, playful and easily customizable for hair types and textures, this one is sure to make desi dads scratching their heads first, but showing off your pictures at work later!

If you’re looking for something even crazier, opt for fuschia or hot pink colours to really push it over the edge. They are trending as well!


3. Gem of a purple

Liquid gold

Image courtesy: @justinewerline

Yet another colour that looks stunning on natural Indian hair is purple; the gemstone hue amethyst to be precise. It is sensual with a touch of goth — you won’t have to lift a finger to make this one pop. It also flatters a variety of skin undertones, which makes it the safest bet you can make and still ends with winning a whole lot!


4. Liquid gold

Liquid gold

Image courtesy: @marcosantinni

A bit closer to home and possibly the most wintery colour, this shade of gold is perfect for the end of the year party season. It is stunning, uber glamorous and will make your mane look like a million bucks. Plus, they are low maintenance as you can just get a couple of highlights with the shade and treat yourself to a whole salon experience while at it!

Main image courtesy: @dmuk

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