Indian women know the importance of using hair oil for a good champi, celebrities included. Recently, Malaika Arora revealed three oils that can be the "holy trinity" for hair care in her IGTV. "For some women hair is their identity and they deserve equal care just like your other body parts," says Malaika and we couldn't agree more! Apart from increasing blood circulation in the scalp and nourishing the roots, an oil massage also relaxes your mind and body.

In this IGTV, Malaika also revealed that she has a dedicated weekend hair care routine where she uses a concoction of three oils along with some essential hair care ingredients. Here’s what you need to do to get healthy and luscious mane like Malaika's.


Malaika arora healthy hair secret

Malaika arora healthy hair secret

You will need:

- Cold press coconut oil

- Olive oil

- Castor oil

- Fenugreek seeds

- Curry leaves

To prepare this oil concoction, mix equal proportions of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil in a glass jar. Add a handful of fenugreek seeds and a few curry leaves to the oil mixture and leave it for a few days. This will allow the oils to absorb all the goodness from the seeds and leaves. This oil can be stored for a long time; when you want to massage your scalp, simply take a small amount in a bowl, warm it in the microwave and use. "Let the oil stay in your hair for around 45 minutes to one hour and then wash your hair thoroughly. You can try this remedy once a week and it will make your hair thicker, with more lustre," says Arora.

Why this works:

Fenugreek or methi seeds contain protein and nicotinic acid, both of which are essential for healthy and strong hair growth. Curry leaves, on the other hand, are a rich source of proteins and beta-carotene that curb hair fall and promote hair growth.