5 Trendy Shag Haircut Ideas For Every Hair Length

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 trendy shag haircut ideas for every hair length

Vintage haircuts and hairstyles keep reemerging in trendy ways. One haircut that can be seen all over Instagram these days is, you guessed it, the shag haircut. It is generally defined by three things — bangs, choppy layers and a centre part. This versatile haircut suits every hair type and length, which is one of the reasons why it has so many takers.

Depending on your hair texture and length, the shag haircut can be worn in both — extremely messy and seamlessly straight — ways. Here, we’ve rounded up five shag haircuts that are suitable for every hair length so you don’t have to.


1. Short shag haircut

Coloured shag haircut

Image courtesy: @_locksxlukacz_

Often referred to as a shaggy bob, opt for a shag haircut if you have short hair and wish to add lots of volume to your look. This trendy and chic haircut suits almost every face shape; however, the placement of layers will differ.


2. Medium shag haircut

Coloured shag haircut

Image courtesy: @edosalonandgallery

According to hairstylists, medium hair length is perfect for a shag haircut, as it frames the face and enhances the layers. No matter what your hair texture, hop on the shag haircut trend to get low maintenance and effortlessly cool look.


3. Long shag haircut

Coloured shag haircut

Image courtesy: @touchiebeauty

Long hair and layers are a match made in heaven. Period. The shag haircut will add more dimension to your look while taking away all that extra weight. So, if you have long and thick hair, try the shag haircut with some front layers to frame your face.


4. Curly shag haircut

Coloured shag haircut

Image courtesy: @sally_heartandmane

Do you often complain about not being able to sport trendy haircuts and hairstyles? Not anymore! Even if you’ve got a head full of bouncy curls, the shag haircut will flatter your look. The layers will be less visible, but it will look stylish nonetheless.


5. Coloured shag haircut

Coloured shag haircut

Got coloured hair? The shag haircut will frame your face and the choppy layers will show off the dimension of your hair colour. Ask your stylist what length and layers would complement the colour of your hair.

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