Summer Hair Trends You Will See Everywhere, But Saw Here First!

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Summer hair trends you will see everywhere, but saw here first!

T-shirt and shorts weather is finally here and we know you will be paring down on your clothes and keeping it simple with your makeup, so you don’t walk around looking around like a puddle of sweat. But this definitely does not mean you can’t dial up the volume on the way you style your hair.

Here are some summer-worthy hair trends that are totally do-able!


Wet-hair look

Playful colours

Slicked back, almost wet-looking hair has been a runway constant. This look is tricky to pull off but with a little practice, you can easily rock it. Comb through a gel or spray with enough hold and style your hair in whatever style you prefer.


Hawaii waves

Playful colours

We can’t get over how chic this look is. Part I-woke-up-like-this and part beachy, this is an easy look to recreate. Wash hair, air dry it, braid it tightly in two (like a school girl) and run a flat iron over it to get them waves.


Seashells on the sea shore

Playful colours

This is the season of Coachella and we saw glittery space buns take home the prize for most popular. But we chanced upon this picture from Kylie Jenner where she has sewn seashells into her braid! Kill two birds with this look as it boasts a high braided ponytail and little trinket for the hair!


Barrette no bar

Playful colours

Talking about seashells and hair jewels, hair accessories are having a merry moment. There’s no rule about how many you can have on your hair, the more the merrier! Use any or all of your blingy hair slides and arrange them in interesting patterns like Hailey Bieber!


Playful colours

Playful colours

Summer is the time when you can experiment with changing your hair colour. But instead of sticking to the same old colours, why don’t you switch it up by trying lilac, bubble-gum or neon shades? All the celebs from Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in Game of Thrones) who has bubble gum pink hair to Emily Ratajkowski, who has pastel pink hair, are plunging into the world of fun hair colours.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

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