We're just going to say it — Taapsee Pannu is our girl crush. While her acting talents are seemingly boundless, our favourite thing about her is her love for her natural hair. While many actors may keep their locks pin-straight, Pannu embraces her voluminous, bouncy curls like no other. She manages to give us curly hair goals every time and reminds all curly-haired girls that it is possible to have gorgeous natural hair.

And if you're someone who's having a hard time managing their curly hair and doesn’t know where to start, Taapse has all the tips you need. The actor has spilt the beans on her hair care routine — and it's super easy to follow. On Taapsee Pannu’s birthday, we're letting you in on a few hair care tips she swears by. Check ‘em out.


1. Hair oil is your friend

01. Hair oil is your friend

Image courtesy:@taapsee

Our mums were right, and Taapsee Pannu's gorgeous mane is all the proof we need. The actor is the biggest advocate for oiling curly hair and has mentioned it time and time again. She massages her mane with warm olive oil at least twice a week and believes that only regular oiling can make hair look healthy and beautiful.


2. Use hair masks

02. Use hair masks

Image courtesy:@taapsee

It's been said time and time again, but here's a refresher — using hair masks is good for your hair! Taapsee Pannu uses a hair mask every now and then to tame her curls and makes sure they stay frizz-free and shiny. If you're looking for a trusty hair mask to maintain your own locks, opt for the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask for healthy, damage-free locks that behave all day, every day.


3. Let your hair air dry

03. Let your hair air dry

Image courtesy:@taapsee

Any girl with curly hair will tell you that heat styling isn't their friend — and Taapsee Pannu is no exception. The actor believes that it's detrimental to use artificial heat for curly hair since it's usually dry in texture and never uses a hairdryer for her hair. Instead, she lets it dry naturally and scrunches up her strands to get her perfectly shaped, ringlet-y curls.


4. Experiment with different hairstyles

04. Experiment with different hairstyles

Image courtesy:@taapsee

While Taapsee's voluminous curls are an inspiration for us all, that doesn't mean she doesn't experiment with different hairdos. From soft, milkmaid braids, to messy buns, to the occasional straight hair, the star isn't afraid to try out different hairdos and switch up her look.


5. But embrace your natural hair!

05. But embrace your natural hair!

One of the most refreshing things about Taapsee is her ability to embrace her natural hair. Far from sticking to the norm and sporting iron-straight hair, she lets her natural curls shine through, and we absolutely love the fact that she embraces her hair for what it is! Major goals.

Main image courtesy: @taapsee